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Dawn Shorten


History of Modern Art, Design, Architecture and Film, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Polytechnic.
Fine Art, University of Kingston-Upon-Thames .

Selected Exhibitions:

2007 Weather Report ,The Gallery @ Adventure ecology, Charing Cross Road, London.
2007 Artfutures, C.A.S. event , Bloomberg, London.
2006 No Ship, Seven Seven Contemporary Art.
2006 Everydebris, Stpaulsartspace, London.
2006 The Stars Down To Earth, The Nunnery Gallery, London.
2005 Artvaults, Southampton.
2005 Fold Up The Sky A.K.A. Gallery, Rome.
2004 Small World, Seven Seven Contemporary Art.
2004 Roman Holiday, Seven Seven Contemporary Art.
2003 One Day, Corridor Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland.
2003 Physical Worlds, APT Gallery, London.
2003 Mirror II, Mile End Art Pavillion, London.
2003 Soho in Ottakring, Ottakring Festival, Vienna.
2003 The Miniature, Kyubidou Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2002 The Miniature, Raid Projects, Los Angeles, USA.
2002 Island, Seven Seven Contemporary Art.
2002 So.... , The Nunnery Gallery, London.
2002 1+2 = chicken, Wharf Road Studios, London.
2001 Art Mart, 291 Gallery, London.
2001 Flymo, The Nunnery Gallery, London.
2000 Conversation Piece, Unit 2 Gallery, London Metropolitan University.
2000 Eyes and Ears: Ears and Eyes, The Nunnery Gallery, London.
1999 The Articultural Show, South Bank, London.
1997 Musee Imaginaire (part 2,) Museum Of Installation. London. Seven Seven 77 Broadway Market London E8 4PH