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Chris Dobrowolski

Best known for his functioning vehicles made rom recycled materials and his entertaining artist talks, Chris was selected to be artist in residence with the British Antartic Survey in 2009. His vehicles began with a boat built from driftwood which resulted in a North Sea rescue and subsequently included a tank, armoured with reproductions of Constables haywain, and an aeroplane made from tea chests and pasted newspaper reviews of his work. Smaller works using toys, old vinyl records and car boot gleanings evoke memories of childhood and a nostalgia for a bygone era. In the Antartic Chris built a sledge from gilt picture frames and set up photo shoots with toys located in the adventurous context that inspired them and contrasting these small, vulnerable, artificial representations of polar research with the reality of life in the Antarctic. This research is forms the basis of his current work.



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Selected Solo Exhibitions:

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