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Alan Bond

Alan Bond's makes large-scale architectural installations referencing classical public buildings, that are characterised by the use of recycled materials and lighting effects. He also makes large-scale perspective drawings of raw architectural environments.



1968-9 Chelsea School of Art
1965-8 Bath Academy of Art

Selected Exhibitions

2009 Pantheon Rotor, Shunt, London Bridge,
2008 Vernacular, Seven Seven, London
2008 Art Fusions, Contemporary Art Society/Becks, Manchester
2006 No Ship, curated by Dave Farnham, Seven Seven, London
2006 The Stars down to Earth, The Nunnery, London
2006 Continental Breakfast, Umetnostna Galerija,Maribor, Slovenia,(Curator)
2006 Blowing Hot and Cold, Ariel Gallery, Totnes
2006 Nocturne, Rabley Contemporary Drawing Centre, Wilts
2005 Artvaults, Southampton
2005 Fold Up the Sky, AKA, Rome
2004 Defying Definition, Rabely Contemporary Drawing Centre, Wilts
2004 Art On Paper, Royal College of Art
2003 Virtue Art, London
2003 Oh Vienna! Soho In Ottakring, Vienna.
2003 Mirror II Nature, Mile End Art Pavilion, London
2000 Trace Elements, Swindon Museum and Art Gallery
1998 Bianco and Nero, Catanzaro, Italy Seven Seven 77 Broadway Market London E8 4PH